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tv   Eyewitness News at 4  CBS  July 13, 2011 4:00pm-5:00pm EDT

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hi. i'm kai jackson. >> i'm mary bubala. we begin with first warning weather coverage. after three solid days of heat. storms move in. you're looking live outside where the skies have gotten dark. and some areas are under watches and warnings. meteorologist bernadette woods is thunder of under -- is under live doppler radar. >> this is the front that is going to change everything we've had recently. severe thunderstorm warning in effect until 10:00 tonight. just along the baltimore city border and points southward. now, we have had severe thunderstorm warnings in effect. those just expire for charles and p.g. county. but they're being replaced by flash flood warnings. and this is why, a lot of rain
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coming down. all of that humidity the last couple of days. it's all of the moisture in the air. wind gusts possible upwards of 60 to 70 miles per hour as they make their way to the southeast. you can see strong thunderstorms heading past d.c. and also spreading over to the eastern shore. because of all of that, here's a wrap-up of watches and warnings. currently, severe thunderstorm watches in effect for all of maryland. until then, we have flash flood watches in prince george's county. >> bernadette, thank you. security slipups across u.s. airports, just-released numbers from homeland security show they are happening a lot, despite the billions we spend. lawmakers demand to know why. >> government statistics show more than 25,000 security breaches at american airports since november 2001. that adds up to an average of five security breaches in each
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of the 457 airports across the country. congressman jason chaffitz cheers the house subcommittee and demanded answers from the transportation security administration. >> unfortunately, we have to be right all the time. terrorists only have to get lucky once. >> reporter: since the september 11th attacks, the u.s. has spent billions of dollars to revamp airport screening. and the tsa insists that the problems amount to less than 5% of those screened in the past year. >> tsa's goal is to stay ahead of threats while protecting passengers' privacy. >> reporter: a security breach can be anywhere from a checked bag being misplaced to someone trying to get past a checkpoint. >> reporter: just this past week, a cleaning crew found a stun gun on board an airplane. in june, they used an expired
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boarding pass. and the tsa is already taking heat for its aggressive screening policies, including patdowns on children and elderly people, and screen being machines that see through clothing. the tsa insists all of it is necessary to protect the flying public. >> reporter: sandra hughes, wjz eyewitness news. and homeland security says of the 6,000 involved, tsa who failed to properly screen were carry-on items. today, three coordinated bombings hit india's capital. >> well, kai, india believes, terrorists are responsible for the three bombings. but no one has taken responsibility yet. president obama has condemned what he calls outrageous attacks. this is the first attack on
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mumbai since 2008. >> the indian government has blamed past attacks on pakistani militants. but they are not speculating on who is responsible this time. the baltimore health department is investigating a deadly case of meningitis. and the victim worked for the mta. the 46-year-old maryland transit worker died yesterday. the disease is not easily transmitted. but household members and others who had close, very close contact with the victim, should get antibiotics for prevention. coming up new at 5:00 on wjz, we will explain why the health department says m -- mta bus and rail riders do not need to take any action. an all-out manhunt under way for the suspect police believed kidnapped a little boy right off the street and tried to hold him for ransom. mike hellgren has the latest on the plot from baltimore police. >> screened intelligence in this case, after taking another man, nathaniel booker into custody. and they now hope they can
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catch his cohort. a manhunt is under way for ra him taylor. police tell wjz, he was part of the plot to kidnap charles brown. the little boy was grabbed off gwynn street in west baltimore, and thrown into the trunk of a car that sped off. hours later, a woman found him at an abandoned house nearby. >> that's really touching. that little boy was safe. back with his family. >> reporter: police say taylor had an an accomplice. his address is listed in court records as just a few doors down. >> we just feel like they just ash trailer picked someone off the street and got into conflict with his family. >> we don't know anything.
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>> at some point, the family or the suspects were victim with the family. others had little to say, other than to say it was about money. >> the little boy's family said he had no physical, visible injuries after the ordeal. mike hellgren, wjz eyewitness news. and new at 5:00, wjz digs into charging documents that reveals new information on how this plot unfolded. two teens are rushed to shock trauma, hit by a car, at an anne arundel county. the fire department says an 18- year-old male and 17-year-old female were trying to cross richie highway when they were hit. the driver did stay at the scene. both teens are expected to survive. major problems this afternoon, for a baltimore city
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police officer, thrown from. >> we are happy to report that officer rigby was released from rehabilitation. rigby was helping out last month when a chain-reaction crash tossed her below. >> thank you for the update. the driver in that crash has not been charged. a presidential presidential history buff. 63-year-old barry land ow. among the documents, papers signed by abraham lincoln, worth $300,000.
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four meetings in four days. and lawmakers are no closer to reaching a deal to raise the debt ceiling. both sides say they are making progress. but not enough to break the stalemate. danielle nottingham reports from the white house. it's the fourth straight day. and lawmakers no closer to signing a deal. democrats aren't budging. >> clearly, if we were to default on the debt, it would be a major crisis. >> reporter: both sides are fighting over spending cuts that would accompany the deal. republicans don't want tax increases. but democrats insist, that has to be on the table. >> with talk at a standstill, mitch mcconnell threw out a proposal that gives president obama power to raise the debt limit, unless congress blocks him. >> the gop admits it's the last resort and challenges them to come up with something better.
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>> the massive tax hike, smoke and mirrors? or default. and none of these options is acceptable. >> reporter: the president plans to meet with lawmakers every day until they break their stalemate. and he hopes each side will eventually give a little. >> the president recognizes that it is his responsibility to do this. his responsibility to compromise. and he certainly believes that republicans ought to do the same. >> reporter: but time is running out, in order to meet the august 2nd deadline, congress has to vote on raising the debt limit by next friday. >> in washington, danielle nottingham, wjz eyewitness news. >> and president obama told cbs news this week, more than $20 billion in social security checks could be delayed next month, if the debt limit isn't increased on time. if you're waiting for someone to get home from work, let's check on the roads with kristy breslin at wjz traffic control. a wet ride out there now,
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kristy. >> oh, and we're already starting with delays on the beltway. slowing from york road to charles street. west side outer loop, at least 15 minutes there from 795 to baltimore national pike. and not much better on the inner loop. 15 minutes there from southwest boulevard to liberty road. as far as 70 goes, no problems actually in the westbound direction, but eastbound, some heavy traffic there as you make your approach to the beltway. as far as accidents go, route 24 at hanson road, that's in the harford county area. 97 southbound, an accident there at benfield boulevard. and two of them in baltimore city. falls road at west 37th. and also clifton avenue at dennison street. let's now take a live look. you can see a lot of traffic building there on the beltway at baltimore national pike. and we'll take another live look, as you can see, actually thinning out there, 70 west of the beltway. this traffic report is brought to you by triple a auto insurance. trust triple a for an instant quote on auto insurance. visit triple, visit it
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for all it's worth. still ahead on wjz eyewitness news at 4:00. evidence in question. baseball stars, roger clemens faces prosecutors who say they have proof he used steroids. is it a miracle pill? a possible breakthrough in stopping a.i.d.s. from spreading. and why people attacked a murder suspect. severe storms threatened parts of maryland. we're tracking live first warning doppler radar coming up. ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,
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a wild brawl erupts in a kraus in to coma, washington. corrections officers are escorting a murder suspect. when they rushed in and ambushed them, as you see. officers had to use their tasers to break up the fight. all three of the victims' friends are now facing assault
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charges. more trouble for casey anthony, and she isn't even out of jail yet. the group that launched a massive search for caylee anthony in 2008, is suing her for over 100,000 dollars. the group says that she allowed them to search, even though she knew kaylee was murdered. in tonight's healthwatch, encouraging news in the fight against a.i.d.s. two new studies showed that the heterosexual partners drastically reduced their chances of getting the virus. manuel gallegus reports for wjz. >> reporter: the centers for disease control is calling it a breakthrough in preventing the spread of hiv. >> these results are very encouraging. >> reporter: two studies follow the results of men and women in
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africa. they took daily pills. those who took truvadda were 63% less likely to become infected with hiv. >> it both prevents the virus itself from taking hold in the body and also reproducing within your blood stream and cells. >> reporter: a second study involved more than 4700 heterosexual couples, where one partner was hiv positive. when the uninfected partner receives hiv medications, their risk of infection was reduced, 62 to 73%. >> reporter: the results were so encouraging, researchers actually stopped the study and began giving medications to those participants who were only taking placebos. >> reporter: health officials say it will take sometime to figure out how to make the best use of the treatment. >> what we need to know now is whether these drugs are effective in the real world. some additional things come to play. will people be able to take the drugs on a daily basis? >> reporter: but researchers
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say this is still a big step forward in the fight against a.i.d.s. manuel gallegus, wjz eyewitness news. >> in both sides -- studies, participants were also given counseling and condoms, which may help explain the overall low infection rate. better news from washington today. all of the major markets posted gains. nasdaq up 15. let's go to new york right now, where alexis christoforous has tonight's cbs money watch update. >> reporter: the federal reserve is ready to provide another boost to the economy. in testimony today before congress, fed chief ben bernanke said the fed would consider several options to get the economy going again. including a third round of bond buying to keep the interest rates low. rupert murdoch's political empire is vowing to block the bid.
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analysts say it would have been nearly impossible for the buyout to win government approval, amid the phone hacking scandal in rupert's newspapers. thousands are speaking out about the movie rental company's 60% price hike. most are taking issue with the fact that the company isn't adding services to justify its rate hike. and chrysler's best-selling vehicle is being recalled. more than 240,000 ram pickup trucks from 2008 to 2011, are being recalled because of a steveing problem. a part near the left wheel can fracture and cause problems steering. chrysler will fix the problems on affected rams, free of charge. that's your money watch. for more, head to in new york, i'm alexis christoforous. still ahead at 4:00, a catholic bishop against the
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susan g. komen foundation. why a church leader is boycotting the nation's biggest breast cancer charity. i'm mike schuh, in the state of baltimore. how millions are trying to keep current on their mortgages. how you can apply for help. weather changes coming through. what to expect next in the forecast. there's the radar. wjz 13 is always on. for the top story on, instant updates and first warning weather all the time, click ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,
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welcome back, everybody. severe thunderstorm watches in effect. south of baltimore. but we also have a couple of warning. here's a cold front making its way through the date. you notice all of that moisture coming in the form of rain. especially farther south of the city. where we've had 2 to 3 inches of rain. severe thunderstorm warnings are in effect for prince george's. until 4:45. for this line of storms coming
4:23 pm
through. until 6:45. because of the rain, it's already made its way through. up to 60 miles per hour. on the eastern shore, we also have a line of thunderstorms, not quite as intense. but a lot of rain. also, push off to the west, it's on top of those right now. here's the overall situation that we are dealing with. we had sunshine out there. they're going to pick up nice clearing behind it. so much cooler air coming our way. with the storms, we've dropped to 74 degrees out there. so much warmer, farther south.
4:24 pm
and behind it, where the sun has returned. rebound. but compared to yesterday, at this time, obviously everyone is down a little bit. but notice these numbers right in here with the storms going through. almost a 20-degree change. because of the storms in baltimore. and 21 in d.c. they're going to stay down for the next few days. all because of this front right in here. behind it, dryer air and much cooler air that is going to dominate in the next few days. that's what we see tomorrow. friday, that sticks around. even into the weekend, this high will move offshore. and we stay relatively close to our averages. winds turn around to the northeast tomorrow. they will be picking up. we've got 10 to 15 knots, with gusts up to 20 knots. and the forecast for tonight is like this. we'll see the thunderstorms making their way out of here. we will start to cool down. 63 degrees for our low. it's been in the 70s last
4:25 pm
night. much cooler. then tomorrow, mostly sunny. only 85 for our high. >> wow. >> and very, very low humidity. >> a little breeze out there. i mean, we might be able to turn off the a/c for a second. >> i think actually a couple of days. >> that would be so nice, bern. don't miss the prime time lineup tonight at 10:00. wjz and masn are teaming up to feed the hungry. take nonperishable food items to camden yards to the orioles food drive. friday, meet don, ron, andrea and saturday, you can meet denise, mary, jezzic astan, weijia, and mike hellgren. it's all part of wjz's continuing community commitment. still coming up. chilling new details about the jaycee dugard kidnapping case. the creepy home video.
4:26 pm
phillip garrido took other young children. salvaging lives. what's happened to the 13 foomp families now displaced. that's just ahead on wjz 13 eyewitness news. eyewitness news at 4:00 continues with denise and vic after this. ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,
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subway. eat fresh®. it is 4 twain, 79 degrees with light rain. hello, thanks for staying with wjz eyewitness news. >> the former baseball star is accused of lying. and as tara mergener reports,
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lawyers are already clashing over evidence. roger clemens headed into federal court to hear opening document -- arguments in his perjury trial. prosecutors wasted no time trying to prove the former baseball star lied to congress in 2008 about using steroids in his career. they said needles used by brian mcnamee tested period for clemens' dna. but the defense fired back, accusing them of mixing up the needles and dna. clemens denies ever using any performance-enhancing drugs. his lawyer said mcnamee made up the story in case he needed clemens to keep his job. >> reporter: there will be plenty of witnesses in will --
4:31 pm
in the trial. but the jury will ultimately have to decide if they believe clemens or mcnamee. they said congress had no right to investigate the use of drugs in sports in the first place. >> reporter: congressman mains -- maintains that there is a broad oversight. clemens faces prison time if convicted. it is still unclear if clemens himself will testify at the trial. a horrifying crime in new york city. police are investigating about a man accused of kill being a little boy. >> police made the grisly discovery in brooklyn. they say they found part of the man's dismembered body in the refrigerator. missay surveillance cameras led them to aaron, who then told
4:32 pm
them where to find the boy's body. police still have not said what prompted the attack. but detectives say they're confident that the man had never met the boy before the attack. >> horrible story. police say they're investigating whether the man has a history of mental illness. prosecutors are releasing new home videos. police say phillip and nancy garrido secretly taped other children, after they had already abducted jaycee dugard. the pair shot closeups of several children at various places. on one tape, nancy zoomed in on a playground, while he pretends to be taping phillip on guitar. >> you got me real good? >> yes. i can see you really good. >> reporter: last month, garrido was sentenced to 431 years to life in prison, after pleading guilty to raping and kidnapping jaycee dugard. nancy garrido received a
4:33 pm
sentence for similar charges. a man accused of stabbing inside a death inside her home. it happened just before 5:00 this know. 38-year-old jill ann salb tied at a nearby hospital. police say the woman's 18-year- old daughter was also injured but is expected to recover. 36-year-old steven richard salb is now charged with first- degree murder. picking up the pieces after a devastating fire in owings mills that left 13 families homeless. one organization is leading the way in providing help tho those affected. investigators say it was a cooking fire that engulfed one town home in owings mills and quickly spread to 12 others. sky eye chopper 13 shows the dev stay station that is now estimated at more than $1 million. >> how many people without homes now in this heat? it's horrible. >> reporter: we're told several
4:34 pm
people are staying with family members. >> and one family is receiving temporary housing from the red cross. >> reporter: people yesterday in owings mills were extremely grateful to have the help that they needed. >> reporter: the red cross also assisted nearly all of the families with essentials to get them by physically and emotionally. >> reporter: we provided these mickey mouse dolls to some of the kids. because there were a lot of kids affected by this fire. and when they lose everything, this literally becomes the only toy they own. >> no one was hurt. but a day after the fires with homes smoldering, residents realize they must start from scratch. but the red cross says they're there to help. >> reporter: andrea fujii, wjz eyewitness news. >> red cross of central maryland has provided disaster relief for 26 different fires and storms. if you'd like to donate, visit an unlikely dispute. a catholic bishop in ohio is vowing to stop his diocese from
4:35 pm
giving money to the susan g. komen foundation. >> reporter: well, vic, at issue is not what the group is doing now, but what may happen in the future. bishop leonard blare is asking catholic bishops to stop donating money a spokesperson said that it is disapointing. adding that they haven't spent any additional money on stem cell research. >> they are not instructing individual catholics. but is urging them instead to give mercy cancer centers. as mike schuh reports, state health officials tried to help those who still need help. >> mary washington is
4:36 pm
volunteering to try to help keep people in their homes. >> hi. hi, good morning. >> she's looking for people who need help. >> door to door, volunteers with $40 million to help people stay in those homes. >> what we're trying to do is to let people know about a new program we have, called the emergency mortgage assistance program. this program is designed to help people who are facing foreclosure. >> reporter: maryland used to have the 12th highest foreclosure rate in the country. the idea here is if you make under 65,000 a year. and behind in payments, these people can help. >> if they're behind on their mortgage, three months, six months, whatever it is, we can help them catch up.
4:37 pm
>> it's a loan. but pay on time for four years. >> i think it's wonderful. >> karen morris doesn't have a problem. >> you know, there's some empty places. kind of scary. >> reporter: today, noon on this street needed help. but they have enough money left. and they have to get rid of it by september to help approximately 900 more marylanders. in northeast baltimore, mike schuh, wjz eyewitness news. back to you on tv hill. if you or someone you know needs help, go to, click on local news, and look for this story. afternoon storms move through parts of maryland. watches and warnings are here now. wjz has first warning weather now. >> showers here. do have still some severe thunderstorm warnings in effect. let's move in real quick. you folks in portions of calvert, charles and saint
4:38 pm
mary's, under severe warning. a little shower activity. eastern shore, lighter rains. but still decent shower activity. north of annapolis has just ended. and getting sunshine and clearing tonight. much dryer conditions. still thunderstorm warnings in effect here in the city, things are clearing out. looks like a really nice forecast coming up. >> let's check on the roads now with wjz traffic control. if you're traveling on the west side outer loop. we still have some delays. southwest side of the inner
4:39 pm
loop, really seeing some activity there. the delay is at least 30 minutes long. as far as this goes. slowing there. average speed, about 18 miles an hour. and 70, eastbound, still backed down there as you make your approach to the beltway. as far as accidents go, in edgewood, willow bee road. and edmondson at north hilton in baltimore city. let's now take a live look. you can see a lot of brake lights there. that's 50 eastbound at sandy point. this traffic report is brought to you by the cochran firm. if you or someone you know has suffered a personal injury, call 1-800-the firm. or visit them online at for your free consultation. families may soon have better options when they go out to eat. as alexis christoforous goes to
4:40 pm
wjz. some restaurants may sign onto new programs that has healthier choices for kids. the hamby family tries to healthy foods. and a lot of restaurants don't make the cuts. >> we actually don't eat at the chains. we might be more inclined to go try them again. >> reporter: that's exactly what 19 restaurant chains are banking on. including burger king, chili's, and denny's. they'll still sell their less healthy food, like the standard burgers and price, but they'll also offer at least one healthier choice for kids. an option of 600 calories or less, and limitols fats, sugars, and sodium. they will have options for substitutions like apples. >> americans eat about a third of their meals in restaurants. and the government has been raising the pressure on fast
4:41 pm
food chains to improve the nutrition. in the food they serve. >> reporter: first lady michelle obama. and the government will soon require them to post it on their menus. >> 70% of adults are saying, i want to make more healthful choices for myself and my family when i dine out. >> having the option is great. >> reporter: though the hambies are not so sure. >> it's still going to be a chopped up chicken that you don't know what is in it. >> reporter: alexis christoforous, wjz eyewitness news. >> now, the new program was organized by the national restaurant association. and it follows nutrition guidelines from the agricultural department. and sports, staying healthy. one golfer, her first hole in one was just par for the course.
4:42 pm
>> we were totally shocked and happy. then we saw her face and we were like, really? >> that's right. 6-year-old reagan kennedy barely bated an eye when she got a whole in one on par. chance for her to be in lpga. straight ahead on wjz eyewitness news at 4:00. the metro dome lives again. see the incredible video, as the minnesota vacationing stadium gets its roof back. fatal all, a war veteran dies. will the theme park face criminal charges? and we are tracking storms moving through maryland. and the first warning forecast is ahead. ♪
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texas police ending a high- speed chase. this is from ktvt dallas's chopper. the suspect evaded police. through several road blocks. suspect took off. joust moments ago, she stopped and surrendered to police. afghan president, hamid karzai buried his brother today. acmidwas one of the most powerful men in afghanistan. was killed tuesday by his entrusted security guard at his home. thousands were at the funeral. criminal charges would not be filed. sergeant james heckammer died friday when he was tossed off a
4:47 pm
themepark ride. today, investigators who violate park policy, by allowing the wounded veteran, will not face any change criminal charges. he lost both of his legs to iraq. signs at the ride. clearly, state riders must have two legs. sergeant's family says they do not hold the themepark responsible. >> all right, thank you, mary. hakimmer would be buried at the cemetery. mark steines gives us a sneak peek. coming up on entertainment tonight, whatever happened to roseanne?
4:48 pm
she is premiering in a new show. >> it's just that completely intelligent and less dumb [ bleep ] way of living. >> roseanne is running a 40- acre, macadamia nut and livestock farm in hawaii, a million miles miles from her old hollywood lifestyle. >> you don't have maids here? >> no. >> how long is that going to last? >> are you enjoying doing all of your own housecleaning? >> yes, i do enjoy all of that. nobody can believe that. >> turn around and let me see that caboose. >> everyone remembers roseanne in her sitcom. but this challenge is real. >> she's challenging. >> in what way am i challenging? >> are a total [ bleep ] sometimes. [ laughter ] >> long-time boyfriend, jenny argent keeps her laughing. >> that's part of why i like him so much. he is so funny, so literate.
4:49 pm
he keeps me laughing. and when he laughs at my jokes, i feel so smart. also, the royal baby watch is on. but new concerns over kate's weight. plus, your look at the new glee 3d concert. that and more coming up on ervet tainment tonight. and you can see entertainment tonight, here on wjz 13. crews have started inflating the roof of the metro dome. seven months ago, the roof collapsed under the weight of snow, forcing the minnesota vikings to play at the university of minnesota. after the roof is inflated. you can see there. price tag for the repair, $18 million. a famous hollywood starlet has a new monument. a sculpture of marilyn monroe's famous subway great scene, the seven-year itch, is being put up on chicago's avenue. the 26-foot tall statue is expected to stay up until
4:50 pm
spring of next year. it eventually will have her entire torso, i believe. >> a lot of pictures taken of people -- >> me, too, right? right there. uh-huh, right there. >> i hope they get the rest of her together. storms moving through maryland. will they affect your neighborhood? >> bob turk has the updated >> bob turk has the updated first warning ,,,,,,,,,,
4:51 pm
4:52 pm
4:53 pm
we have clearing in the baltimore region. one little shower by let's call it the hampstead area. the rest of the activity, along that front south of washington, south of dover, take a look at the activity. moving very nicely to the south. we still have severe thunderstorm warnings in effect. you folks in portions of calvert county. south of la plata. now, it's much lighter. north of waldorf, it is pretty much over. as you can see, to the east of that region. still shower activity.
4:54 pm
and pretty much done. and we're getting sunshine here across northern maryland. and north of the mason-dixon line. there's one shower popped up. here in northwest baltimore county. it is moving to the southeast. it may affect take a look at temperatures. boy, did they plunge with that. showers, 73. dew point, 72. 96% humidity. winds currently light. but they were nice and breezy earlier. barometer will start to rise. 86, sunshine. back in hagerstown. 82 in cumberland. still in the 80s. d.c. down to 75. it's going to drop tonight. in fact, most of the daytime today, the dew points were in the low to mid-60s, until this front came through. 78, 73, the showers. still raining there.
4:55 pm
and annapolis, also 75. severe thunderstorm warnings. still up a portion of calvert. and across the river there in virginia. the rest of the area has cleared out. not expecting anything. still a severe thunderstorm watch. you folks in extreme lower eastern shore, until later this evening. the wins are now beginning to turn more to the north and northwest. because the front is going to come through the area tonight. dryer, very pleasant weather for the rest of the week. that will dominate our weather picture into the weekend. there you see the showers, very clearly defined with that frontal boundary across the region. front moves through. very nice weather moving in for the end of the week. very comfortable sleeping at night. on the bay tomorrow, gusting to maybe as high as 20 knots. tonight, don't have any showers ending. clearlying from the city north. 63. tomorrow, sunshine. beautiful, cooler. low humidity. a perfect summer day. high in the mid-80s. >> wonderful. thank you, bob. still to come on eyewitness news tonight. manhunt. police are searching for one of
4:56 pm
two men behind the abduction of a little boy. i'm mike hellgren, at city police headquarters. how the plot unfolded. and who is in custody now. ♪
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have you ever climbed a rock wall in the middle of the ocean? or tried something really wild? why not? it's all possible in the nation of why not. royal caribbean's floating nation. where you are free to do anything you want. which may be nothing at all. royal caribbean international. why not cruise from baltimore? visit today. coming up next on eyewitness news. storms in maryland. >> snatched off the streets. baltimore police revealed the reason a child was kidnapped as they searched for the mastermind in the case. an mta worker dies from a rare disease. i'm adam may. why the health department says mta passengers shouldn't be alarmed. that's coming up. and a big step forward. the update on the police officer who plunged off the jfx. check in for more on these stories and all the day's
4:59 pm
breaking news. >> eyewitness news starts now. i'm kai jackson. >> and i'm mary bubala. here's what people are talking about. parts of maryland are under severe thunderstorm watch. and some areas are seeing severe thunderstorms. bob turk has more. >> south of baltimore, washington. let's take a look around the region. there's the front moving quickly now. southern maryland, you folks just south of la plata, very strong storms south of nangemoore. moving to the northern neck of virginia. they still have a un


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